about1Born and grew up in South East london to hard working Jamaican parents I experienced all the joys and twists of growing up in London with the beauty of diverse musical cultures and education.

I Love Love Love Music and the effects it has in the whole social development and coordination of the world and is such an influence over our happiness.

Gratefully performed with The Drifters for five years with Johnny Moore Thanks to Faye Treadwell (former manager and brand owner). I then went solo and worked for a year getting my P.A. System, developing my solo show and acquiring agent representation.

During this time I also Wrote and cowrote my album with Alan Glass who is an amazing mentor and songwriter / producer.

I released my single Gimme Gimme then over a year later the Album. ‘Artistic licence’. After getting real emotional about the world I followed thi up my writing and releasing ‘I’m Dreaming’. Please visit my music page for a listen.

I am currently still singing and performing globally although based in the UK. Whilst planning and motivating my surroundings to do the next album. Check out my shows page for examples of my current performances.

One thing I know about music is it takes time to grow, I do remember the days of shaking in my boots to sing just one song! Grow Grow and Grow, All of life is about being a small insignificant to a wise old Oak 🙂

Keep Shining!


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