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imdreamingThere are many things that divide us in this world and many that attempt to bring us closer. The belief that there is good in every man woman and child no matter their nationality colour or gender. You see I believe, from faith, in the belief of knowing there is but one creator of this world that loves us all, Even if we do good or bad, as we all make our own destiny and individually obtain the punishment for our own misgivings in many different ways.

The Purpose of “Im Dreaming”

I have always been blessed with the good fortune of loving all people and am attracted to the beautiful diversity of our city of London and the World.

As said before we are in a melting pot! It is almost impossible now to say that there is just one kind within ones self. We Are all human, And when unwell take the blood of life to save life with mostly no objection to from whence it came.

Im truly dreaming of a land where all the people live in peace, and I will die with that message ringing from my very soul, Lyrics and Voice.

Please enjoy a short journey into my thoughts and emotions.

And please know that we are all bound by the same creative cycle and share the good of this world only for a time, It is owned by its creator alone!

Take Heart that for all the riches and the greed that exists in this world, Death is the lot of man! Rejoice in the act of giving, There is nothing more rewarding in this world than to see smiling faces of lives you have helped or saved.

One Love
One People
One World





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