May 2007

May 2007


It has been a busy couple of months for Jahson and his promoter Carol from Hummingbird Entertainments!

Last month saw Jahson host Singers Spot at Cottons in Islington, where got the crowd all up and dancing to some of the tracks from his forthcoming album, and sang some of your favourites, it’s amazing what the influence of a few rum punches can do!!

Cotton's Cotton's

Jahson has also been seen out and about across London, singing at another top London Spot, which was hosted by Jeffrey Daniels, Ex Shalamar, which took place at Parker McMillan. At one point I thought Jahson was going to do the moonwalk with him, but he decided against it!!

Parker McMillan
Parker McMillan

This was a great night, and Jahson got to perform a track by the Real Thing alongside the person that wrote the arrangement for the hit song “You to me are Everything” John Altman!! talk about coincidence!

Parker McMillan

Jahson also performed at a Love Music Hate Racism Festival in Kent at the end of April, and representatives from Sony were there, who were mightily impressed!! (Well why wouldn’t they be!J)

Then to top it all of this month Jahson was reunited with some of his friends from The Drifters, when they got together for a Gala Relaunch at The Fairfield Halls in London, attended by Tina Treadwell to celebrate the Drifters 50 year performing/recording career.  Tina and her family has owned The Drifters and managed them since 1953 and they will be launching their album 5 Decades and More in the next couple of months.

The Drifters
The Drifters with Jahson

Parker McMillan
With the Hummingbird Entertainments Team
Carol Stewart and Lisa Bedelle

We have also been securing the venue for the video shoot of Gimme Gimme, which we are hoping to film before the end of the month.

The release date for Gimme Gimme has been put back to mid July, until the Video is complete, but you can still buy copies of the CD in stores.


Gimme Gimme played during a TV interview on Channel Four!!!

Yes you heard right!

SALSAWILD  one of Kent’s top Salsa Dance Classes in the South East, have been playing Gimme Gimme during their classes as part of the warm up. During one of their classes Channel Four interviewed two of their members for a documentary and the song was played whilst they were being filmed dancing.
A big thank you to Dave from Salsa Wild for the publicity for the single!
Click on this link for details of their classes taking place across the South East, where you will get the chance Mambo to Gimme Gimme!!

Keep your eyes on the website for more news updates and tours!

See you soon peops!!!


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